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Ichigo API

Ichigo API is a Rest API Service featuring Image Generation, Text, Effects and more!

Features of Ichigo API

A variety to choose!

Ichigo API features Image Generators, Image Effects, Text, Video Game Stat Cards and much more! These categories can range from meme style Image Generation, image effects to enhance and manipulate your avatars, Video Game Stats to show off your awesomeness!

Easy and Detailed Documentaton

Our API has easy to understand documentation for developers. This includes a Try it out button to query your inputs and generate that awesome thing!

Ichigo Discord Bot

Our Discord Bot focuses on this API. You can view documentation of each Endpoint or run any command that shows off how this endpoint works. You can find more about our Bot here.

Projects using our API

Image Generation

Our Image Generation Category features Endpoints such as Meme Style Generation or a combination of Text and Images. These run blazingly fast and has 100% support for many image filetypes and sizes.

Anime GIFs

We provide a massive library of Anime GIFs ready for developers! This is very ideal for Discord Bot Developers who are making Roleplay style commands and to save heaps of pressure and time looking for GIFs.


As easy as 1, 2, 3! Save a lot of time creating your own Welcomer or Rank Card by using our customized endpoints. You can customize as much as you like such as background, Text Color, Circle Colour, Shadow Color etc.

Getting Started

As easy as 1, 2, 3. You are ready to GET your first request with our API!

Step 1: Logging in and Generating a Token.
  1. First, Login with Discord
  2. Open your Profile. Should redirect you there automatically after login.
  3. Go to the Token Page to Generate a Token. You can do this with our Discord Bot.
Step 2: Making your first Request.
  1. Now that you generated a Token, test the token with the curl command.
    Type this in your console:
    curl -X GET 'https://ichigo.ntmnathan.com/gif/02' -H 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_TOKEN'
  2. If successful, you should be able to use our API in your Creation!
  3. You can check our Docs, Examples or Wrappers regarding Ichigo API!
Step 3: Feedback and Sharing

We are always open for suggestions. Do not be afraid to ask us anything or suggest features. If you'd like to contribute for Ichigo API. You can go to our Discord Server and post examples and/or custom wrappers you've made!

We are here to Help!

Our helpful helpers will be available to give you help and support when using our API Service.
You can join our Support Server!