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Frequently Asked Questions

This should help you out with our Service!

What is Ichigo API?

A Rest API Service that lets you generate images, create image effects and so much more

Help! How do I use this?

Read our Documentation first, then once you are familiar with how our API Service works, Login with Discord to generate an API Token.
Don't show your TOKEN to anyone!

Do you have any examples on Ichigo API?

Go to Examples

Can I invite the Ichigo Discord Bot?

No, the bot is only reserved for the Support Server. However, you can find more information on what it does here!

Why did I get the 429 Too Many Requests error?

You got this error because you were requesting our API resource too much than expected. These are in place to prevent Bots and/or users abusing our API System. The Rate limit guide is as follows:

You can check your rate limiting by reading the ratelimiting headers. If you exceed the limit. You can find the reset time in the Retry- After header.

What are you using to develop Ichigo API?

ES5 JavaScript with core libraries; Express, canvas-constructor, vue.js, superagent, passport and discord.js

Do you have Ichigo API Package Wrappers?

Check here for the Wrappers

I don't want to use the API, but how can I make those amazing images, effects?

Ichigo API was designed to be hybrid meaning that its for Developers and Non-Developers. We have a Creation Page with select endpoints where you can generate your own!

I want to stop using the API. Can you revoke my Token?

For security reasons, we do not handle any token related matters unless there is a security breach or should there be a issue with the token system. To stop using our API, generate a new token and don't share/use it.

None of this Helps!

If your question doesn't get answered here, join our Discord Server or email ntmnathantominecraft@gmail.com for help. Our helpers are always available to help with your problem.